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Is bullying a problem in your workplace?

Not only can bullying have a devastating affect on individuals, it is also bad for business. Amicus, with the support of the DTI, is running the world’s biggest anti-bullying project.

The aim of the project is to eradicate bullying and create a culture of respect in the workplace. The Dignity at Work project brings together employee representatives and employers to work in partnership to promote policies that suit individual workplaces.

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Paid educational leave campaign

The biggest barrier to workers accessing learning opportunities is lack of time. That’s why Amicus is campaigning to make paid educational leave a legal right.

The UK economy suffers from a serious lack of skills. Seven million adults lack basic literacy and numeracy skills and six million lack the immediate skills that are vital for advancing their careers. Amicus recognises that the UK cannot compete in cost terms with low-wage countries like China and Vietnam and that we need a highly skilled and educated workforce if we are going succeed in the 21st century.

Relying on employers to meet the education and training needs of the UK’s workforce has not worked. In fact 40 per cent of employers provide no training whatsoever. Amicus believes that only when there is a legal compulsion for employers to allow their workers paid time off for education and training will there be an improvement in the current situation.

Amicus recognises that individuals who do return to learning experience an increase in confidence and motivation. These are the characteristics that employers want in their workers and will lead to an increase in productivity.

At present only employees aged 16 and 17 can take ‘reasonable time off’ (e.g. one day a week) to take Level 2 qualifications ā€“ that’s NVQs or GCSEs. Unfortunately it’s not just teenagers that lack Level 2 qualifications ā€“ a third of the workforce have few or no recognised qualifications. The UK is around the bottom of the EU league table when it comes to statutory rights for paid time off. The paid educational leave campaign aims to change this.